Virtual Training Credit Plan

Looking to buy more than one online open course? Or to create a personal development plan for yourself in 2021?

With our new online learning credit system, you can save over 16% when you buy 5 credits at once.

You can redeem your credits against our 2021 Online Open Courses 


  • 1 x 5 credit plan costs £499 + VAT and gives you access to 5 online open courses (* the only exception to this rule is that 'Introduction to People Management' and 'Mastering People Management' require 3 x credits each, since they are multi-session courses)
  • Savings apply when you buy 5 credits to redeem against our 2021 Online Open Courses 
  • There is no requirement to book all your courses at the point of purchasing the credit plan, but all credits must be used within 12 months of purchase
  • Use the credit system to build your own development plan or to provide training to more than one member of your team
  • Multiple online credit plans may be purchased


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Give us a call to find out how you can use our online training credit plan to upskill your team.