Open Courses

PLEASE NOTE: whilst much of our learning is currently taking place online, we are beginning to run some in-house events face-to-face and we're re-introducing face-to-face open courses gradually (see below).


2nd & 9th February  |  Mastering People Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

8th & 9th February | Introduction to People Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

10th February  | Time Management (ONLINE / AM) | BOOK NOW!

10th February | Recruitment Interviewing Excellence (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

15th February | The Essential Art of Persuasion & Influence (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

16th February | Excel Introduction Plus (FACE-TO-FACE)  | BOOK NOW!

16th February | Supervision Skills (ONLINE / AM) | BOOK NOW!

17th February | Finance for Non-Finance Managers (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!

22nd February  |  Dealing with Difficult People & Negativity (ONLINE AM)  |  BOOK NOW!


2nd March | Assertiveness, Self Confidence & Communication (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!  

9th March | The Art of Delegation, Motivation & Empowerment (ONLINE) |  BOOK NOW!

15th March | Train the Trainer (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

16th March |  Managing for Efficiency & Effectiveness (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW!

23rd March  |  Leading your Team and Raising the Bar (ONLINE / AM)BOOK NOW!


8th April | Managing Hybrid Teams (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

20th April  | Time Management (ONLINE / AM) | BOOK NOW!

26th April |  Excel Intermediate (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

27th April  |  Becoming a more Assertive and Confident Woman (ONLINE / AM)  |  BOOK NOW!


4th May  | Excel Introduction Plus (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW!

10th May  Positive Psychology, Strengths & Resilience (ONLINE / PM)  BOOK NOW!

11th May  |  Dealing with Difficult People & Negativity (ONLINE / AM)  |  BOOK NOW!

18th & 19th May  | Introduction to People Management (FACE-TO-FACE)  |  BOOK NOW!


8th June | Using NLP to Improve your Communication (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

8th & 15th June  |  Mastering People Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

9th June | Supervision Skills (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

17th June | Mental Health Awareness at Work (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

23rd June | Assertiveness, Self Confidence & Communication (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!


5th July  |  Leading your Team and Raising the Bar (ONLINE AM) |  BOOK NOW!

13th July | The Art of Delegation, Motivation & Empowerment (ONLINE) |  BOOK NOW!

19th July  | Time Management (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

21st July  |  Excel Intermediate (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!


14th September | Train the Trainer (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

20th September | Coaching Skills for Managers (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!


19th October | Time Management (ONLINE / AM) | BOOK NOW!

GOOD to know:

  • Our online courses are charged at £149 + VAT, or if booked as part of a 10-credit online plan, just £100 + VAT each - click here to find out more
  • Our face-to-face one-day courses are charged at £249 + VAT, or alternatively can be booked as part of one of our two Credit Plans for a significant discount. To purchase a virtual learning Credit Plan please give us a call.
  • Every one of the above courses can also be delivered exclusively for your team 'In-Company', online or at our premises in Exeter or a location of your choice.  Please call us for details
  • To read our Open Course Terms & Conditions, please click here

To discuss your Open Course or In-Company training needs, please call us on 01392 409 198

how to book:

  • Click the links above and book via our website
  • Call us on 01392 409 198
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