Management Development

Our Management Development programmes are designed for managers who are responsible for either departments or processes. Management developmentThey are a step beyond the ‘doing’ managers they once were and are now responsible for leading a bigger (and perhaps more diverse) team, have a budget, have human resource and have developmental responsibility, whilst ensuring outcomes are met. Their role requires more inter-departmental working and a coaching approach.

The development programmes we offer combine tactical and practical skills with an emphasis on the behaviours and communication style of the manager, raising awareness about personal impact.  Programmes typically last from four days to several months.  ILM Level 5 accredited programmes are available.

A typical 6 day management development programme might look something like this:

  • Day 1 - Introduction to People Management
  • Day 2 - Management Communication (performance and challenge)
  • Day 3 - Management Communication (motivation, persuasion and coaching)
  • Day 4 - Delegation, letting go and time management
  • Day 5 - Managing High Performing teams
  • Day 6 - Being a Manager

We also offer our standard one and two day management development programmes.  All the courses below are available as 'in-company' courses and many are also available as open courses:

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