ILM recognised 'Effective Team Leadership' training

Lloyd & Whyte offer a range of financial planning and specialist insurance services, working with professional trade associations and individuals. The company currently has 130+ staff with its head office in Taunton and listed office based in Sudbury.  They also have account executives and financial advisors throughout the country.  Working from their success gained in the 80’s and 90’s Lloyd & Whyte quickly became one of the largest insurance brokers in the southwest.

Hannah Cornish, Senior Insurance Technician, started at LLoyd & Whyte in September 2015 with no real experience of insurance, however coming from a customer service background she was insistent on using these skills to make a positive impact in the insurance industry.  From the welcoming and supporting atmosphere at her induction, she knew immediately that Lloyd & Whyte would offer great support and development opportunities.

In November 2015 she attended her first in-house Crisp course (Managing Challenging and Demanding Customers). This gave her the opportunity to see how our courses worked and jump started her personal development. The course enabled her to gain many new skills and build confidence when dealing with difficult clients. These skills allowed her to quickly develop within her role and she was soon promoted to senior insurance advisor in April 2017.

With added new responsibilities, Hannah pursued further personal development to support her in her role and chose our ILM recognised 'Effective Team Leadership' package to provide her with the support she needed.  We asked Hannah to tell us more about her training with us:

How did you choose Crisp Professional Development for your training?

"I was recommended to attend the first course by my manager who was very enthusiastic and complementary about Crisp and the personal development he had gained by attending a number of their courses. This enthusiasm was shared by a number of other people across Lloyd & Whyte making it a very easy decision to sign myself up. With the support of Lloyd & Whyte I booked myself in to attend my first course and started my journey towards my first ILM accreditation"

 What were your main personal development objectives?

"To gain more confidence, skills and knowledge when dealing with challenging clients and difficult situations and learning different approaches when managing and supporting staff.

I was also able to network with other professionals who are progressing through their careers"

How closely did the content of the training you received match your objectives?

"Much better than I expected.  I am extremely pleased with the amount of knowledge gained from this experience"

Why was having ILM recognised training important to you?

"It is a recognised qualification which shows my willingness to continue my professional development. The level of skills from the trainers really helped me to understand and progress within my role"

Looking back, what have been the most useful outcomes from the training / what are you still using in your day to day work?

"I am learning how to deal with many different scenarios: delegation, supporting my team, the importance of motivation, rapport building, managing the performance of individuals, management styles, time management, organisation, structure, effective communication, building a positive team and also managing myself"

 Would you use / recommend Crisp Professional Development again and if so why?

 "Of course! The staff and trainers are welcoming, positive and full of great knowledge and experiences. 

Completing the ILM Qualification has given me the confidence to run the team when my manager is absent" 

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