Enhancing Team Effectiveness

Finisterre is a pioneering sustainable clothing brand, born in a flat above a surf shop in St Agnes in 2003. The company has grown beyond measure since its' inception 16 years ago - broadening their product offering and expanding into multiple high street stores across the UK.

Visit the Finisterre website here: https://finisterre.com/

Our partnership with Finisterre began after a referral from another client and over the course of 12 months, we worked with them on enhancing team effectiveness.

Our recommendation for the first team we worked with was that each person complete an individual P3 profile, from which we were able to create a team profile. The results of the P3 would allow each person to better understand their own individual strengths (and areas for development) as well as those of the team. The results would also allow Shaun Durham (Managing Director at Crisp) as facilitator to use the results as a springboard for a day of team coaching.

Sarah Edwards, Operations Director at Finisterre gives her feedback on their initial requirement and on the training outcomes:

"We approached Shaun to support us with training and coaching for our newly formed Product and Merchandise team. The focus was to be on how to improve teamwork and communication and to be more informed about our team dynamics. The team completed personal profiles and Shaun guided us through the results with recommendations on how we could better appreciate what makes each of us more effective in the workplace. Shaun had gravitas and shared useful insights. Together with role play and team exercises we were able to practice the theory. The results were immediate with actions agreed by everyone and new processes adopted. The success of the profiling was repeated across the business with the senior marketing team and design team and many of the practices learned are now business as usual" Sarah Edwards, Operations Director

We looked at where the team were in their group development (i.e. forming, storming, norming, performing), we examined team communication and we looked at team dynamics.

Delegates on the course gave us their feedback on the training:

 "I found the course really great. The information we got back from the profiles was so accurate. It really helped me to understand and appreciate other people’s ways of working, according to their personalities and how I can adapt myself in order to work better within the team" Amelia Rutter, Buyer

"Although we all felt we worked together well as a team previously, this definitely helped to highlight the differences in our preferred ways of workings, so it was very worthwhile. The activities were fun and light hearted but most importantly it made me reflect upon how I interact in group situations. The personal profiling was really interesting. Identifying my high and low traits has enabled me to build upon behaviour not just in work but in social situations too. Shaun was a fantastic leader, he managed a group of different personalities very well and the course was pitched to the correct level"  Adele Gingell, Channel Merchandiser

"Really interesting day, we were quite a new team so it was really great to understand the different personality types and how they can work together and also how we have a more positive mindset and impact on each other. Got us thinking about goals for the next year" Emily Vine, Senior Merchandiser

 "For someone coming into the business fresh out of graduation, it was great to see how a variety of people I didn’t know, work, not only them but for myself too. The result had such an accurate representation of my personality both in work and out. Highly recommend if you really want to know who you’re working with and how to effectively function as a team" Luke Barnes, Buyers Administration Assistant

We successfully ran this programme on two occasions (with two different teams) at Finisterre and have subsequently welcomed some of their team members onto our open courses in Exeter where individual training needs have been identified and addressed.

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