Leadership Development programmes

For senior managers seeking the space to explore and develop the mindset of leadership, we offer a 4 day Being A Leader management training programme.  It is about 'being', not doing.

Being A Leader Crisp Professional Development


Throughout this 2, 4, 6 or 8 day workshop (you choose) you will have the opportunity to develop a variety of key management skills, from improving your emotional intelligence, through to empowering and engaging your staff to be more productive and efficient.

Great leaders do not become great by continuing to do the same things that made them successful earlier in their career. Our work enables senior managers or those embarking on the leadership path to carefully evaluate the skills, time and values that are required for leadership.

“There is a fundamental dilemma that haunts many leadership development events. Because leadership is perceived as fundamentally about ‘doing’ rather than ‘knowing’, there is an inherent bias towards activity-focussed and indeed briskly paced encounters […] In consequence, there is little time for reflection or strategic thinking. These characteristics of leadership development events are self-evidently in tension with the kind of clear thinking supposedly required of top leaders.”

John Storey, ‘Changing Theories of Leadership and Leadership Development’


Whether you are a senior manager or have just taken on a new leadership role, this training opportunity could be perfect for helping you get the best out of your team.


The training programme is designed to create a progressive learning journey - each session will reflect on previous action points, lessons learned and impact. The in-company programme will be shaped to fit the organisational needs and optional adjustments can be made, including extending the programme to a more in-depth 6-day course and adding in a reflective ‘homework’ exercise between sessions


All sessions in this leadership course will be interactive and participatory.

Day 1 - Leading Self, Part 1

  • Perfect v. Excellent / Fixed v. Learning mindset
  • Neuroscience and why it’s all invented
  • Appreciative Inquiry for the organisation
  • Strength spotting and working with strengths
  • Re-framing to positive

Day 2 - Leading Self, Part 2

  • Ladder of Inference (why we react)
  • Emotional intelligence and leadership styles
  • Know thyself – Personality and behavioural traits
  • Why we Communicate differently
  • Understanding Change
  • Action planning and goal setting

 Day 3 - Leading Others, Part 1

  • The leadership pipeline
  • Delegation and letting go
  • Using time effectively
  • Motivation
  • Group dynamics and effective teams 
  • Dysfunctions of teams
  • Cross-departmental working

 Day 4 - Leading Others, Part 2

  • Leader as coach and mentor
  • Enhanced listening and questioning skills
  • The art and science of persuasion
  • The psychology of leadership and the power of the environment
  • Systems intelligence and systems blindness
  • Perceptual positions

In Summary

  • Course Length: 4 days (usually 2 + 2 with a break between)
  • Course numbers: maximum of 12
  • Location: In-Company will be at your offices or at our training venue in Exeter
  • Who is this training course for? Senior managers, new-in-position senior managers, leaders
  • Format: Participatory group sessions

We also offer 2, 6 and 8 day Being a Leader programmes.  To find out more, please get in touch on 01392 409 198