Executive 1-2-1 Coaching

Individual needs and drivers for 1-2-1 coaching are many and varied. We have summarised a few of the most common topics below.

The location for the sessions is chosen in consultation with the client. It can be in the workplace, or office, but our preferred approach is to use a neutral venue. This aids creativity and frees-up thinking. For some clients this means using the outdoors. We use coastal or countryside settings that inspire and find that the environmental context and the physicality of movement aids a shift in thinking and mindset that the client can take with them back to more familiar surroundings.

Typically, over three or six sessions of two hours, a programme of coaching may cover such areas as:

  • Self-awareness - awareness of self and the impact on others; wellbeing; resilience; confidence; emotional intelligence; working with strengths; developing purpose and meaning
  • Workplace behaviours and performance - goal setting and targets; business metrics; delegation; motivation; handling difficult conversations and challenging situations
  • Leadership - our work with c-suite leaders and business owners addresses the full range of subjects that can impact upon leadership effectiveness. Executives often find that a coach is the only person who will challenge and support them in a non-judgemental way. Our work with leaders covers areas such as: Self-awareness; letting go; systems intelligence (and systems blindness); developing leadership presence, authority, purpose and meaning
  • Transition - did you know that 40% of leaders in transition underperform in the first 18 months of their role and direct reports of transitioning leaders underperform their peers by as much as 18%? The first 100 days in a new role are vital. We work with people who are transitioning to new positions, companies or sectors, enabling them to ease into the transition by establishing clear boundaries, expectations and values. We focus on how the ‘system’ – the organisational context – will be changed by the new leader
  • Strength based coaching - working with strengths has been shown to bring many organisational and individual benefits. We use approaches from positive psychology and appreciative inquiry to increase energy levels and develop confidence by enabling the Coachee to discover and focus on their strengths. This produces a powerful mindset shift that can bring long lasting holistic benefits
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching - when it is appropriate, we use the EQi2.0 profiling tool with leaders, senior managers and teams, as a means of raising awareness, addressing deep issues and facilitating movement towards individual and shared goals. This can be a one-off debrief session, or a programme of behavioural development over six sessions. The EQi2.0 is a scientifically valid (reliable and verifiable) tool developed by Dr Reuven Bar-On, one of the early proponents of emotional intelligence. Participants answer 133 questions online, and a sophisticated and detailed report is produced allowing a qualified practitioner (often a Coach, but not always) to enter into a discussion with the individual. Click here to find out more about EQi

Interested in 1-2-1 Coaching for yourself or a team member?  

We have a bank of Coaches with a diverse range of skills and experience. We understand how critical it is to pair you with a Coach who can best help you achieve your coaching goals whilst also being a great 'fit' with your personality - and we'll invest time ensuring we get the match just right!

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